Using Smartphone in Turkey

Keep your SIM card in your phone

Alldaywifi creates a Wireless cloud around you with a unique ID and password. In order to connect to the internet with Alldaywifi, you do not have to remove the SIM Card from your phone.

Sim Card in Turkey

Better than buying a SIM Card

In Turkey, SIM cards require lots of unnecessary and boring work for registration, and activation. By renting the mobile hotspot, you won't struggle any of these, and will have the opportunity to share it.

Mobile data roaming

Roaming is expensive

You would be shocked, if you are not prepared for the extremely high data roaming costs that your mobile service provider bills. Feel comfortable, and just do not think twice when sharing a photo with your friends, or watching a video.

External battery

By saying all day, we mean it

If you are an intensive data user, your battery may not survive until the end of the day. We sincerely consider that you should be stay connected all day long even if you share the connection with lots of devices. Alldaywifi Kit has an appropriate solution for that.

3G/4G internet connection

Speed is important!

3G internet connection is very widespread in Turkey. You can count on the speed of Alldaywifi, get your social media accounts updated in seconds, and have access to your business related matters! 4G connection is available in Turkey since April 2016 and developing really fast. You can enjoy 4G connection with Alldaywifi's new mobile wifi modems.

unlimited mobile data usage

Enjoy unlimited data

We do not count your usage in MBs or GBs, since we really do not care. If you are using Alldaywifi, you also should not consider your internet usage every time. Unlimited means unlimited.


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