5 Must Have Free Travel Apps for Istanbul

Travelling to Istanbul with a smartphone? You might face some trouble about finding addresses, public transportation and Taxis! The following apps can get really handy for you!


Google Maps may be your default choice in America and Europe, but when it comes to driving, Yandex.Navigator surpasses it in Turkey. Man, isn't traffic jam an issue in Istanbul! If you are caught in rush hour, prepare yourself spending at least an hour extra on the way.


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Yandex updates its navigation by using real-time information from taxi drivers and active users, so that you can see which roads are currently congested and which roads are safe to take.It is pretty fast and reliable, and available in English, French, Russian and Ukrainian.



Doesn't every tourist wish for a reliable and free guide? I think the prayers are answered thanks to Yourist. Yourist is a brand-new, destination-specific application designed exclusively for those who visit Istanbul. It is an all-in-one app, consisting of everything related to your travel: a digital tour agency, collaborative activity buying platform, tour guide, travel assistant, online-offline map. It also contains up-to-date useful information about the Istanbul’s landmarks, walking routes, tourist attractions, traffic, real-time currency exchange rates, emergency contact details.


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Beside getting valuable information and tips about Istanbul, you can also purchase attraction tickets transparently, safely, and digitally via Yourist. With the code alldaywifi you can even get a discount.

The App comes in English. Download it and see it for yourself.


Now you can travel in Istanbul like a local. Just by using your current location and desired destination, TrafiTurkey generates a list of possible public transportation directions. You can browse the fastest or cheapest routes from the results window.


  • trafi.turkiye
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The App does not only include all subway, tram and bus lines, but also sea transportation routes. I use it almost daily and highly recommend it. It is accurate, fast and comes in English, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, Eesti, Latvian and Lithuanian.



Getting ripped off by Taxi drivers is pretty common in Istanbul as a tourist. Even locals fall prey to them sometimes (I know I did!). BiTaksi makes life and transportation a lot easier and reliable. After logging in and choosing your preferred payment method (cash, credit card or paypal), the app shows you the Taxi drivers near you and you can send a request to them.


  • bitaksi

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Alternatively, you can calculate the cost for your desired trip. The infamous taxi app Uber is also making a slow apperance on the Turkish market, but for now, the taxi drivers that enlist their services for BiTaksi are by far greater in number.
It comes in Turkish and English and I strongly advise you to use this app instead of taking a random taxi.



If you are feeling indulging in art on-the-go don't miss this one out. You will notice a lot of Graffiti while waltzing the busy streets of Beyoglu. With this app you can learn more about them or choose to follow the trails of a special artwork.


  • street art
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Street art Istanbul offers its users a map filled with unique urban artworks. After logging in, you can also upload the pieces you discovered. During your trip in Istanbul, you will come across lots of urban art. This app gives you the chance to learn a bit more about them.
It is available in English and has a really neat design!


Stay Connected

While travelling, a lot of people remain offline to avoid ridicilous roaming charges. A pocket wifi is the best solution to stay connected abroad. Alldaywifi offers unlimited data service whereever you are travelling to Turkey for a fair price.

Your mobile WiFi comes with a handy set ready for you to use starting from USD 6.00 a day. It is also ideal for groups since a unit can be connected with 10 devices with WiFi.

To book one go to Alldaywifi.com now and your device will be delivered to your hotel or host before your arrival so you can start using immediately.

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