Data Roaming in Turkey for UK mobile operators

Using your smart phone while travelling in Turkey? Better check the roaming costs that the UK mobile operators charge for Turkey. Otherwise you might face an undesired bill caused by heavy roaming data usage abroad. Remember Helen Christie, 40, who received a bill with £20K after using internet on her mobile phone in Turkey. 

UK roaming bill

Eventhough roaming charges are reduced within European countries; unfortunately most of the UK operators do not have a specific and reliable data package for Turkey. So, let's check what exactly you will spend if you turn on your smart phone's data roaming within Turkey.

EE Roaming for Turkey (logo)
Roaming Charges for Everything Everywhere (EE) Users

If you are using EE, there is no difference between Pay-As-You-Go and Pay-Monthly options. You need to purchase the package called Add On in order to use internet abroad which is another additional cost. See the charges for different usage alternatives below:

Data AmountDurationPrice
40 MB 24 Hours £4
100 MB 24 Hours £7
250 MB 7 Days £20
750 MB 7 Days £40
What does Orange Users pay for roaming in Turkey?
Orange Roaming for Turkey (logo)

If your operator is Orange, you would pay £8 per MB on standard tariff. As an option, you can buy data package alternatives if you are a Pay-Monthly user. The alternatives are, 20MB data use per day for £3 or 100MB data use per day for £10. There is no package options for Pay-As-You-Go users and the standard tariff is £8 per MB.

T-Mobile Roaming for Turkey (logo)
Roaming Charges for T-Mobile Users

T-Mobile users cannot use data roaming without buying a package called “ internet travel booster”. The data amounts, durations and prices are exactly the same as EE, so you can check the table above.

Remember, there is no difference between Pay-As-You-Go and Pay-Monthly options.

Roaming Charges for O2 Users
T-Mobile Roaming for Turkey (logo)

O2 recently announced a free Bolt On called “O2 Travel” for pay monthly customers. You can use unlimited data by activating O2 Travel for £3.99 per day; however you cannot use your phone’s mobile hotspot feature while roaming. For pay as you go customers there is no package and standard roaming charges which is £6 per MB applies.

Roaming Charges for Three Users
Three Mobile Roaming for Turkey (logo)

Three seems the last operator you would like to use, since they do not offer any special package except the standard roaming fee which is £3 per MB. Although they offer Feel at Home package, which allows you to use your data abroad with no extra cost, it is available only in Europe and does not cover Turkey. If you are travelling to Turkey, you do not seem to have many options.

Roaming Charges for Vodafone Users
Vodafone Roaming for Turkey (logo)

If you are a new customer of Vodafone you are lucky, you will have monthly 4GB data allowance abroad. If you are an existing customer though, standard data roaming charge is 45,9p per MB. You may also choose to activate Vodafone Eurotraveller to use your UK data plan while abroad for £3 a day.

Can you use mobile data in Turkey with a better deal?

As indicated above, it is important to be aware of the different data roaming fees and the additional or hidden charges. Because using a smartphone in Turkey is not as easy as in Europe for the UK citizens. If you will rely on your data roaming, you need to control and calculate how much data you use during your stay which is not something you would like to consider when you are on a vacation.

Alldaywifi 4G pocket wifi for Turkey

Instead of using your data roaming, Alldaywifi offers an alternative solution for travelers in Turkey. You can simply rent a mobile hotspot for only $5 per day with unlimited data plan. It can be delivered to any hotel in Turkey or at the Ataturk Airport upon your arrival.

Furthermore, if you are travelling within a group or with your family you can save huge amounts of money on your data roaming costs. Alldaywifi can connect up to 10 people at the same time and it comes with an extra battery to keep you connected all the time during your trip in Turkey.

Book your Alldaywifi now for your upcoming Turkey trip and enjoy unlimited mobile internet wherever you go in Turkey.


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