Museum Pass: Discover the History of Istanbul

Museum Pass is a special tourist-cultural card, which is sponsored by Culture and Tourism Ministry of Turkey, that enables tourists to skip the lines at the major museums and offers various discounts.

You will have access to all of 12 major museums for free in 5 days after your first admission.

5 day Istanbul Museum Pass

Let's say you want to see essential museums like Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace. With the recent updates on April 1, 2016, the regular entrance fees of these 2 famous museums have raised to 40TL per ticket whereas the cost of Museum Pass remained the same (85TL). So, buying a ticket for both Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace will be equal to the price of your museum pass. Additionally you immediately start saving when you visit the Harem Section in Topkapi Palace for free.

Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace are famous for their long queues. Skipping the line would means saving 2-3 hours on high season with a museum pass.

Long Ticket Queue at Hagia Sophia Museum

After Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace, with Museum Pass you can visit the following museums with no extra payment:

  • Istanbul Archaeological Museums
  • Chora Museum
  • The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts
  • Museum for the History of Science and Technology in Islam
  • Istanbul Mosaic Museum
  • Galata Mevlevi House Museum
  • Yildiz Palace Museum
  • Hagia Irene Museum
  • Rumeli Hisar Museum
  • Istanbul Fethiye Museum (Pammakaristos)

As I mentioned before you also get various attractive discounts. These are only some of the other 30 attractions you can get discounts with your Museum Pass:

Historical Galatasaray Hammam 25%
Bosphorus Tour with 'Sehir Hatlari' (Official Ferries) 25%
The Museum of Innocence 30%
Pera Museum Free Entrance

Some important notes on the card and museum entrances:

Museum entrances are free for children under the age of 12.

The 5 days (120 hours) start not after the purchase but after the card is read on scanners at the entrance of the first museum you visit.

Be aware of the opening hours of the museums! They vary for each museum. Here is a helpful little list that shows the holiday days of the museums:

MuseumClosed on
Hagia Sophia Monday
Topkapi Palace & Harem Tuesday
Archeological Museums Monday
Mosaic Museum Monday
Chora Church / Kariye Museum Wednesday
Turkish & Islamic Arts Museum Monday

Getting a Museum Pass is however a little bit tricky. You can only order to residences within Turkey, the hotel you will accommodate, or you have to wait in line in front of selected museums to get one. If you want to save time and energy, you can easily order one with your Alldaywifi. That way you will get access to highlighted museums as well as unlimited internet during your trip in Turkey.

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